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Mass Effect Andromeda Original Character Template
(Hello this character template is for the group Andromeda Initiate, please follow the instructions between the (   ) and delete the (   ) once you are done making your character. This template is simply a guide for making OC characters and it does not mean you have to use it, and you can adapt it if you want: also don’t let this stop people from using it for things outside of Mass Effect.)
Name: (Insert your character’s name)
Aliases: (Nicknames, code names or aliases picked up throughout their lives or what they are commonly called)
Race: (What species is your character?)
Home world: (Where and on which planet was your character born, you can be more specific if you know the names of nations or cities on alien worlds.)
Age: (Your characters chronological age and if you wish approximate age if long lived like Asari or Krogan)
Hair/Crest colour: (Essentially this is the colour of your characters hair facial hair, or when applicable with races like, Krogan
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Full Moon High - An Unusual Date Pt. 1
Author Note

Full Moon High is the creation of StoneMan85 and so are most of the charactersThe Characters of Arthur Amell, Stacie London and Maria Mackerns are my creationsPlease support StoneMan85 story, artwork and world by looking at it all on his page: link in the description.And in advance Thank you for reading
Each step felt like a weight dragging and holding him in place. As Arthur walked along the small well paved path he could feel his heart pounding within his chest as he marched towards the door at the end of the straight route, a route which slowly began to get further and further away in his own mind. Yet he continued onwards ignoring the pain his legs that willed him to turn around and flee: but then again he had rarely listened to those instincts so there was no point in doing it now. Stepping over
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Have you ever hand somthing that you love so dearly and are forced to watch it degrade before your very eyes. I have, although not in the same tragic meaningful way, but I have seen somthing I enjoy wither away. A few years ago I became heavily involved in RP on the game Star Wars the Old Republic and over the years I developed so many characters that I loved to play and enjoy sharing with other great and interesting people who had there own unique and quirky characters. I could spend hours at a time exploring not only my characters adventures but also my freinds as we would bounce around ideas and create new ones, all in an attempt to push the story ever forward.

And now its all gone.

I do not know how, and I do not know why but everything I loved has just evaporated. All the RP, the massive crowds of people, the amazing and deep characters and wonderful adventures everyone went upon have all but fizzled out and I just do not know why. On SWTOR no one seems to want to RP outside of of a bar, and everyone wants to either play empire or a narrow set of character arcatypes. Not that I fully mind but it just seems like everything I loved has shrunk down to such a minute detail that I cannot possibly bare RPing with people who are not even taking it seriously. And why there is nothing wrong with some more relaxed RPrs, it just seems like no one on SWTOR throws themselves into it any more, and everyone just half arses RP.

I just want to get involved in some meaningful and creative Rp, and yet without it I just feel so alone.

I miss it. I want it back. Yet I know that no matter how much I whine and scream like a child it will not return :(

So I want to look forward, and as such I ask is there anyone who wants to RP  in the star wars universe with me, or knows where I can look.
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Cori Walk Test
A small test that I did as part of a drawing I am colouring. I am screwing around with background shading and lighting and I must say that I am feeling pretty good about it :D


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Hey pbg I'm looking for members of project that I'm working on it's called Archie sonic rebirth and we want you to join because of unique art skills and writing
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